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Conditions of purchase and Info

Appearance and quality

Observe that colours can vary from screen to screen and finally the printed wallpaper.


The most of Wingbuds wallpaper patterns is genuine craft, hand painted originals in full size report. Made with gouache paint and brusch or just a pen.

The wallpaper is of a non-wowen kind and shall be fitted edge to edge with the pattern repeat. Its mostly 53x53 cm but with the Silbodal collection its 106x53 cm.

The surface is always matt and of high quality. Put glue on the wall with a roller and mounth edge to edge with gentle strokes from the middle and out towards the edges. Whipe off glue with a damp cloth or spunge carefully. Before mounting on the wall check out if the walls are crooked and how it effect the pattern, you migth need tolerans both on top and bottom.


Information about paintings

The paintings are all unique originals made by Lena Hautoniemi. Painted on canvas or 300 grams rag paper.



All prices listed in Swedish SEK including value added tax 25%.


We accept Visa / Mastercard

To be eligible to purchase products from us on this website you must:

- Be at least eighteen years of age.

- Register using your real name, phone number, E-mail address and payment details.

- Provide a shipping address that is not a PO box.

- Use a valid credit/debit card that is acceptable to our bank partner.



We deliver to countries within EU and Europe, Amerika, Africa, Asia, Australia o Oceania. We do not deliver to Greenland, Åland and (Norway). Delivery to Norway on settlement.

However Norvegian customers are welcome to pick up their gods in the designers Studio by made agreement. Locally situated in Årjäng, Värmland close to the Norvegian border, only 120 km from Oslo.



Wingbud Wallpaper do not have wallpapers in stock, we print upon your demand -ordering. Delivery migth take as long as 3 weeks, but can be lots shorter depending on the printers que of work.

Painting will be sent 1-2 labour days after recieved order.


Delayed deliveries

If there will be further delay after 3 weeks you will be noticed by us. Do not forget to write down your phonenumber or e-mail.



Will be added to the costs and will be calcualted based by weigth.

The parcel will be sent with th Swedish Post.

Yo will recieve a package-ID who make it tracable.


Damaged gods

At your packages arrival its important that you check for damages. If its damaged you should report this immediatly to the post or your transport. Save the confirmation of damaged gods and take contact as soon as possible. At its latest, within one week.


Regrett of purchase

Regrett of purchase due to Swedish law.

Due to 2 chapt 5§ distand and homesaleslaw (2005:59) companies and customers are etitled to agree on non regrett rigths for merchandises, that are especially made or cusomised due to cutomers wishes. We do not applie regrett of purchase on Wingbuds Wallpapers as they are printed on your demand or customised. When you order our wallpapers you demand a personel printing order. We cannot get refund for our printing costs.

However if you are unsure of printed colours we can send a sample for 50 SVkr. Do not forget to write the articel number for your shosen sample.

When asking for personel customised wallpaper we would like to talk to you on the phone.


Regrett of Purchased painting

Due to Swedish law you can regrett you purchase within 14 days after you have recieved the painting. With use of regrett rigths the customer will pay for the freigth costs as well as insurance back to Wingbud. Wingbud is responsiblae for freigth costs and insurance to te customer.



Repayment will be made to customer when the painting has arrived to Wingbud and first work day the bank will be open.


Force Majour.

In act of war, natur disasters, strikes at labourmarket, athoreties resolutins,or other comparabel happenings beyond our control that cannot be anticipatedand and disturb our agreements, shall be a reason why we should be released from our duties of meashioned deals.